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Breanna Colón


Eric Jaundoo

Financial Consultant

Leslie Dowtin

Financial Consultant

Janai Hollinger

Financial Consultant

Truvaughn Ebanks

Insurance Agent

Carissa Laine Go

Marketing Assistant

Jenelyn Rosete


Brenda J. Lafferty


As a highly organized and detail-oriented Financial Consultant, Eric Jaundoo is passionate about offering financial services and education to his clients. His dedication to assisting his clients in managing how they can use their money and achieve financial independence is second to none. With his proven technique, Eric aims to inspire trust in his client base by constantly offering prudent financial advice supported by honest conversations. Knowing he is doing a great job shaping their trajectories makes him feel like this is where he belongs.

With years of financial industry expertise, Eric has honed his analytical skills and ability to remain laser-focused on achieving optimal outcomes for his clients. He has recognized strengths in a wide range of financial problems. His keen interest in personal finance, ability to craft financial strategies to help others thrive, and knack for results make him stand out.

A proud husband, dad, and soon-to-be grandpa, Eric enjoys spending time with his family and friends and frequently visits the beaches with his wife. He is passionate about mixing music that dates back to his teenage years and derives immense pleasure from offering his services as a DJ or MC at weddings and private events. Besides his love for animals, Eric is a sports lover with a keen interest in golf, pickleball, and hiking.

As a resourceful Financial Consultant, Leslie Dowtin is passionate about helping families protect and plan for their financial future and turning on the “light” of hope in the hearts of those she meets. Organized and service-oriented, Leslie is a reliable resource who is always willing to walk her clients through any processes, educate and guide them, effectively empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

Leslie specializes in white-glove service rooted in her solid relationship with God, her priority. This aspect allows her to genuinely care for her client’s success, offering open, honest, and constant communication. She works out a customized strategy using a combination of traditional sound planning and modern products to meet each client’s unique goals. 

Leslie cherishes every opportunity to help you achieve your goals. She constantly reminds you that you plan to fail if you fail to plan, and you cannot become what you want by remaining what you are. She is available to plan your financial future together. 

Outside her busy career schedule, Leslie enjoys eating healthy and exercising. She spares time to read and play games. She derives immense joy from the regularly scheduled “Girls’ Day Out” with her sisters and friends. She loves to take care of her sister’s dog, Rhemy.

As a diligent Financial Consultant, Janai Hollinger is passionate about helping her clients realize their financial dreams. Her clients are her priority, and she approaches the process with due diligence and educates them on optimal financial options, effectively empowering them to make well-informed decisions. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing them go through the process seamlessly and successfully, ultimately leading to their financial independence.

Janai performs her duties professionally, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction. Her favorite parts of her job have been assessing and analyzing her clients’ present financial conditions to formulate plans for their development. Janai’s strong family values, and the remarkable life she aspires to give them, motivate her to accomplish her and her client’s success. Coming from a supportive family that enjoys trying new activities together is her significant asset.

Janai is a self-proclaimed foodie and travel enthusiast who enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures through their food. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones by dragging them along for her nature hikes and getting them to do random activities, from candle-making workshops to special nighttime events at museums.

As a highly trustworthy Insurance agent, Truvuaghn Ebanks always keeps his client’s best interests at heart. He has a track record for building bonds with clients and learning about their needs to serve best those he meets. While keeping in mind the practicality of the industry, he makes sure his clients always feel comfortable and that they are not rushed into making decisions.

Besides his incredible work ethic, Truvuaghn’s drive to produce top-level service and maintain a standard of excellence and reliability makes him stand out. As a dependable and transparent agent, he goes far and beyond to make the impossible possible. His personal and caring touch makes him the perfect agent to efficiently and effectively assist his clients in attaining their future financial goals.

An attentive husband and responsible father of three beautiful children, he strongly values
the support of his amazingly gorgeous wife, who is the cornerstone of all his success. In his
spare time, Truvuaghn can be found listening to and creating music. He is an active gym
enthusiast committed to daily, exhaustive exercise.

Carissa Laine Go, a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant, is the brain behind all the online marketing strategies at Integrity Financial. A zealous champion for her team and clients, she is responsible for creating weekly content for all our social media platforms, editing our financial fitness videos, and designing our flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials. Her ultimate goal is to ensure our products reach as many people as possible, build a loyal following, and eventually convert those followers into buyers.

Driven and competitive, Carissa’s attitude allows her to thrive in emerging markets. She is dedicated to helping our team deliver resounding success by identifying gaps in our marketing plans and keeping content available for the team to share and educate our clients. Her determination to create impactful social media posts, proper keyword searches, content generation, and genuine insights that attract new customers is second to none. At the same time, Carissa exudes warmth and is endlessly caring, responsive, and approachable.

Carissa is committed to personal and professional excellence and takes time to read novels and listen to podcasts. She values a good work-life balance and enjoys playing with her daughter and teaching her a lot during her free time. Carissa harbors a keen interest in dogs and loves caring for her two Shih Tzu Maltese, Bruce, and Julia.

Going by the name Jen, Jenelyn Rosete is the glue that holds everything together in the team. She has learned to appreciate that the first impression goes a long way in establishing the reputation of any business. Her goal is to support the team in all the administrative side of things and help the clients feel welcomed and supported right from when they walk through the door.

Jen understands the selling strategies associated with the industry and performs her administrative duties professionally, ensuring the highest level of client and team satisfaction. She helps get necessary documents to and from clients during their experience with the team. Jen also helps with all of the customer service needs, from changes of address requests to phone numbers and more. She also keeps track of client appointments and scheduling.

Jen, a book lover, believes that learning never stops, and she started learning calligraphy for fun. She enjoys watching K-dramas and imagining herself as the main character. A proud mom of three, Jen loves spending her free time assisting her kids with schoolwork and fun activities. Her strong family values and the incredible life she hopes to inculcate in them drive her to achieve her success and that of her team.

As a highly dedicated Administrative Assistant, working with Mrs. Colon, a fantastic team, and a great culture at Integrity Financial Solutions Inc. has made Brenda J. Lafferty’s career fulfilling. A retired elementary school principal, taking up new challenges keeps life interesting, learning new things and making new friends. At 75 and still strong and committed to service, Brenda is a source of encouragement to the team and reassuring hope to the clients.

Brenda offers a personal approach as she handles the team’s day-to-day operations, including taking phone messages, scheduling meetings with and directing incoming phone calls from prospective clients, sending out greeting cards, filing, and data input. She also handles ordering supplies, picking up the mail and packages, mailing items at the Post Office, and sending faxes and emails. She has gained commendable experience working with diverse personalities toward joint mission success. Her determination and resilience in getting things done are unmatched.

Brenda, a proud wife and prolific author, has learned to balance duty and family. She works hard but also creates time to carry out her household chores, cooking, scrapbooking, drawing, sewing, and writing. Brenda cherishes every moment spent with her husband going to church and playing the guitar and tennis.  She loves to travel and occasionally takes short trips with family or friends.