Student Loan Savings Plan

Do you wish your student loans would just go away?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. But; it is simple to cut years from your student loan and put some money back into your pocket. Our most recent client owed over $70,000 on her student loan with a payment $346 per month. At her current payment and interest rate, it would take her 77 years to pay off her student loan! 77 YEARS! She’s already 40 years old, so she would
basically be paying for it her entire life! Could this be you and you don’t even know it?

With the help of our consultants, her student loan will be paid off in 23 years just in time for her retirement and she will save over $190,000 in interest! Yes, you read correctly. Most people don’t realize how much more they are paying in interest above and beyond what they originally borrowed. 

Our client would have paid over $300,000 for a $70,000 loan over time. Now she pays 1/2 of her monthly payment every 2 weeks plus an additional $50. Our client pays more than $50 for a trip to the salon. This could be you. Stop giving away money and Call Today for your Student Loan Analysis!